America and Change, June 26,2015

Everyone hates change. Hate might be a strong word to use. Lets say then, have a hard time adapting to change. Whatever the issues, there are always at least two sides to each issue. Each side is passionate in their beliefs and ideals on the subject. They also feel their opinion or solution is most ideal. We do sometimes fail to keep others perspective in mind. We debate or discuss and it eventually becomes a heated debate. Name calling is thrown into the mix. It becomes a personal attack. The debate turns ugly and neither side listens to each other any longer. I think we all have gone through this at one point of our lives.

We have had in the past week very strong beliefs about the confederate flag being displayed on government property. Each side passionate about their belief to display or not to display this flag or symbol. We all have an opinion on this matter. I do as well. Im not here to change your mind on how you feel. I would only want to point out some underlying issues. When passion gets involved, each side stops listening to each other. The open communication and dialogue stop. At this point there is no need to keep trying to one up each other with points or debate your side or their side. Agree to disagree. Be respectful of their opinion and walk away. Let it go. Not like the song from Frozen. Remove yourself and be the bigger person to step away.You cannot have a discussion with someone with a closed mind. You're better off expending your energy on your point of view with those willing to listen and hear what you're saying. Move away from those who aren't willing to hear what you say. Don't waste energy on people who do not play an integral part of your life. Use that energy for positive results or endeavors.

The other big issue of course was todays decision by SCOTUS to pave the way for marriage for all. I could have used the word finally there to describe SCOTUS decision but used pave. I feel it has paved the way towards many issues that need decisions. The call has been going on for many years for this to occur. Today was that day. The Supreme Court has listened to the people today. They actively have listened to what the majority of America wanted,, equality on marriage. This will upset some people. We know not every decision made will be greeted in favor by all. It's impossible to please everyone. You can only do the best you can and help the majority. Today the decision paved the way for many more decisions like this to occur in the future.

We could talk about other major issues needing change and America calling for change. Such as legalizing marijuana, abortion, racial profiling, term limits, or any other hot topic that has been debated for the past few years. But the flag and marriage rights are todays hot issues. We can discuss the others as their time comes to decide which way the masses want to go as a majority. Im not going to tell you how to feel or react to either decision. I only ask the following. Respect each other. If you don't care for another sides choice , at least respect it. They are a human beings. The comments being made if someone disagrees with another is sometimes sickening. They aren't attacking the opinion of the person, they attack the person. Stick to the facts and leave personal attacks out of the equation. Everyone is entitled to their opinion even if you don't agree. Like my Grandmother used to say to me, my brother, and sister, " Fight nice". Never quite understood that till today. Just be nice.

As the old politicians die off, both democrats and republicans, change will occur. We have a whole new generation of people who will take over positions in power to make change. Older folks usually have the most objections. Have some patience with each other. If you can't agree, just leave. Don't waste your energy to try to change someone who doesn't want to change. Live your life as a human being and treat each other with respect. Kenny Rogers sang you had to know when to hold , know when to fold, and above all….. learn to know when to walk away.

Embrace change. Rock on America!