Blow up the Trump Piñata


Im not going to bore you with a political diatribe against Donald Trump. Who takes a bobble head seriously? There are so many jokes about his hair it's actually getting a bit stale.You can say his hair has taken on a life of its own. I expect videos will pop up about his hair. The jokes online have been off the charts. If you use Twitter you'll see comments always are related to his hair or wig. Then it leads to his failed marriages and of course all his bankruptcies. There has been so much content to choose from the past week. Its been a field day for media and comedians. At least some new jobs were created this past week.

He is so popular in the negative sense. People love to hate him. I have even seen supporters. A ton of parody sites have popped up of course on Twitter. Some tweeters even tried to get #AskTrump to trend the day #ASKPOTUS was trending. Brendan McInnis ㋡ was tweeting all night and the tag did catch on. A lot of people were tweeting questions using the hashtag.Trump would not answer any of the questions though. Keep using that hashtag. Another hashtag with it was #AskFakeDonaldTrump. A parody Trump account started answering the questions with humor. Its called Fake Donald Trump. He has even answered questions Trump was answering on twitter. As Trump would answer tweets, Fake Donald Trump was retweeting responses at the same time. A lot of hair, ex wives, and bankruptcy jokes. The parody account doesn't hold back. If you don't like crude humor, this won't be for you.Take a look, its some really good humor if you're taking a Deuce on the Clock. You'll have a good laugh to help you get the pipes going if you need a boost.

Its over a year till election, so there is plenty of humor to still come! Sit back and laugh. Lets all go out and buy Trump Piñatas. They are a hot commodity now. Beat the crap out of these bad boys over the weekend. Better yet, if anyone has or makes Trump Piñatas,blow it up with fireworks, Be the most creative you can possibly be to blow the shit out if it. I would love to post the video on our site. I'm serious. I will send you a Deuce T-Shirt. I will write a little Deuce Bio about you as well.This is a call to action Deuce fans. Blow up the Trump Piñata this weekend for America! If you can't blow one up at least find a video of it. If you find a video of it , send it to us. is our email. Blow up the Trump Piñata this weekend! America and Fake Donald Trump is counting on you! Have a safe 4th of July weekend Deuce fans.

Special K