Deuce Inception

It all began in New York in the 90s. Some guys working in a warehouse. We had fun, we worked tons of overtime, and we drank a lot. When you drink you tend to get hungover. We worked at the ass crack of dawn. 5am shift every day. We got 30 minute lunches and on Fridays we would see who could leave the earliest if we had to cut overtime.We worked hard and we played hard. 

Dilbert the Enemy

The phrase D on the C started because of an Operations Manager we had in charge in the distribution center. He wasn't the most personable sort of guy. Basically no personality. He would try to chase me down daily in the warehouse to talk to me. It was a big Distribution Center. Over 100,000 square feet. It had different sections and zones. It had a mezzanine areas and rollers. If I saw him I'd walk real fast and go in and out of aisles to avoid him. I would purposefully try to avoid him at all costs.  Did I mention he looked like Dilbert? You know Dilbert right?

Anyway, Dilbert didn't like the fact we would wash up before lunch or before went home for the day while we were clocked in. He hated it. It annoyed the crap out of him. We had talks and meetings but this was his thing.  He wouldn’t stop harassing us and we wouldn’t stop. So of course we rebelled, cause like I said, we had fun and drank a lot. We came up with taking D on the C as a code. If we couldn't wash up before lunch, we would poop, get paid, and wash as well. Mass Deuces at lunch and before going home occurred. Overtime was made as well. The battle was indeed on! The more he bitched, the more we took deuces. We would make up long ass acronyms so he wouldn't understand what we were talking about over walkie talkie. "DontheCfromTBB." This meant Deuce on the Clock from Taco Bell brewing. You get the idea. The longer the better and you would win free drinks after work. It was obviously just an excuse to drink but we didnt care.

Lets get back to Dilbert for a second. He eventually went on to have HR investigate him by interviewing everyone there. It didnt turn out well for him. He then apologized to us all in groups about how poorly a job he had done. He cried a bit. We felt a little bad. He remained there as Operations Manager and we still took our D on the C. He eventually got demoted a few weeks later and transferred. He was fired a few weeks after that. You started feeling bad for him didnt you? Not us. Karma is a bitch. He got his just reward.

Ok back to our inception. I eventually started my Twitter D on the C. I posted stupid shit that I found silly. Jokes or pics that amused me. It was fun. It wasn't Facebook or anything. It was a different experience. It was random ass people. As the years went on I made the definition on Urban Dictionary for D on the C.

Then I got to thinking how funny and silly the world has become. We have become a very fast paced society. We have A.D.D to an incredible degree. Technology is all around us. Get it fast. Get it now. Make me laugh. Make me smile. Thats who we have become. So D on the C evolved to "Deuce on the Clock". That definition now appears as well on Urban Dictionary.

I later obtained in January of 2015. I started building the site for my own pleasure. If others like it they will come. I go in with hopes of only to satisfy my own goals. That goal is make people laugh or smile. Smile and the world smiles with you they say. Shit and the world shits on you as well. Both sayings are from the old country. Tibet I think. Anyway, deuce was made for you to take a break from the day. If you're at work taking a D or not. My goal is to make fun of the stupid and point out the insane. Go with us for the ride.

Our slogan is " Always make time for your daily D. You'll be glad you did!" If you know me then you more than likely will have the same type of humor. If you don't know me, then my name is Kdog. Enjoy the site and have  a few laughs. Just remember we all have to D sometime. You'll have your phone. You might be a while. Grab a Snickers and take a D with We might get through some rough times together. We could have s strong bond. I digress.

Final thoughts before we go off to the interwebs, Your one take away from this whole story is he looked like Dilbert. He really did.

Special K