Deuce Daily Thoughts Rant Kind of Day

I posted this on Facebook today. I would like to add a few more comments here.

Some days I give up on society. People only seem to care if it directly affects them or their life. Not all people but the majority it seems follow this path. It is easier to look away than to help or stand up. I am and have never been that person. There is a big divide in America right now. The 1% versus the 99%. Police abusing their power against black people. Gay rights versus Old Republicans and bigots. All these groups and many more divided and about to blow up. So what I am saying put any differences aside for a day. Help a human being. Don't be like the video below.It is true. The people with less are always apt to give more. Let that and the video sink in. Its a great video.

Someone please tell me a good story. The world has been full of horrible news lately. People around you are fake and not genuine. I have shrugged it off and let it go ,but as we know, inevitably something must give. To make an effort to make positive change, I support the ‪#‎RedNoseDay‬ campaign to try to make this world a better place. The ‪#‎RedNose‬ costs one dollar. ONE DOLLAR! Skip a ‪#‎Starbucks‬ for one day.I bought 2 to take silly pictures and show support and a message to just be human again to each other. We have lost that recently. Buy a #RedNose or buy the shirt I am selling as well. I will donate any profit to the cause. I am not keeping a cent. If you know me i am not religious at all. I just care. So please buy a #RedNose at ‪#‎Walgreens‬. ‪#‎NBC‬ is also involved. Stupid shit goes viral daily and it blows my mind. This is a serious cause to help a human being. A child in poverty. Here are the links to the shirt I am selling and the #WALGREENS info for the campaign. Please do either one to support the cause.…
The shirt I designed and every cent will be donated to the cause. I will either donate all the money or buy all the ‪#‎RedNoses‬ at every #Walgreens.
So please tell me something to make my day!
Thank you for letting me vent. Have an amazing day or night wherever you may be. Thank you for listening to my Deuce Rant today. Make a difference today in someones life!  Rock on Deuce Fans!

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