Deuce Spotlight: Trending Hashtags, where do they come from and why?

If you read  What I've learned about Twitter So Far, you know I never cared for Twitter or understood it a few years ago. I never fully understood the hashtag or trends concept. I didn't truly enjoy the experience. After starting Deuce on the Clock and reading as much as possible, I've learned so much about this form of social media. I can say I truly enjoy it the most out of all of the social media platforms. All you need to do is change your perspective and open your mind a little to truly enjoy it. I learned through research, social media is like a game. There are rules and opinions on everything about it. Articles or blogs will tell you how to tweet, what to tweet, when to tweet, what not to tweet, and the list goes on. You can be overwhelmed with all the do's and don'ts. So now let me blow your mind and tell you something you may not have realized. It has turned into a game for some and an enormous amount of fun!

Twitter a game? You might say, I don't see any games on Twitter, other than spam tweets in my timeline. True, but if you look harder you might see random trending hashtags and ask yourself , what the hell is that trending for? Why would #SuperVillianACeleb or #BeComfortingIn4Words be trending? Random right? Usually I see celebs trending or the latest viral news story. I usually think the celeb has died or another riot is occurring somehwere. Those trends are understandable. So when I saw obscure hashtags I decided to find out why they were trending.

First I will say, you need to hone your follow list. If you follow just celebs or friends, you may not see the trending hashtags until very late or at all in your timeline. But if you have a honed follow list, it will open a whole new world to Twitter and the game I spoke of. This game I speak of you ask, what is it? It's called HashtagRoundup. It's an App you can download for iPhone or Android. It's available here. You may say, I'm not into games or I don't have time for that. Well, you might not, but I can tell you, it is a great idea and very fun to play. There are tons of different games to play all day and week at different times. You don't need to play them all either. It's not a true game where you win prizes (some do have prizes though). Nor a game where you will win fame and fortune or can quit your day job. It's a game linked to Twitter and a cool concept to combine them. I love ingenious simple ideas and this is exactly that. What a brilliant way to take a social media form to the next level and make it a fun interactive game. Other tweeters vote for your tweets by favoriting or retweeting them. Or you could get the elusive golden hashtag ( more on that later). Each game also picks a top tweet list and posts them on the Hashtag Roundup site or with a shoutout tweet for congratulations.

I play several different games each week based on my preferences. I don't know much about Sci-fi, Harry Potter, or Star Wars so I don't play them. I suck at them. But give me a game with 80s music or movies and I'm there tweeting away. Give me a silly topic phrase and I can pull out my inner teenager and be a kid again. Some games are too early for me to get up to enjoy them as well. But Ive tried them all. So give them a try at the top of each hour. The App can send you notifications about the game, topic, and time. You tweet and give out faves and retweets within the App. You can also give out the elusive Golden Hashtag I spoke of earlier.  You get points based on fave,retweets, and golden hashtags. Twitter doesn't have this little gem, but the App does. Its like the golden egg Veruca Salt begged for. It's worth more points and very valuable to get. Tweeters can give you one or all based on them liking your tweet. You get points based on how many you obtain. You can be witty, sincere, clever, or just plain silly when you play. The point is to have fun and enjoy the game. Its a cool escape to the day you may be having. It truly takes Twitter to the next level of fun. You never know what people may like, so tweet it. Just remember to have fun and don't be too serious. It's a game after all.

So now that you have the basics of what the game is, why would you want to play it? If you watch or read the media online, you more than likely have read an article that refers to Twitter and a trending hashtag. You also may have seen the @midnight show on Comedy Central that's based on Twitter hashtags. Haven't you been curious how a trend starts? The Hashtag game has been the start to many of the trending topics on Twitter. #SuperVillianACeleb is from the @midnight show and #BeComfortingIn4Words is from a Hashtag Roundup game. I could list so many more that have started trends worldwide. Many trending tags have started within the game and went viral. I use Trendinalia USA to track tags to know what trends so I can post funny stuff as they happen. It amazes me to this day how fast some start trending each day. By the time you check your phone at lunch , the game might have been tweeting for over an hour or more. I've seen trends last all day. I don't know what or why it happens, but its pretty cool to know you had a part of it and most importantly had fun playing the game it started with. Check out this article in Huffington Post on recent hashtags! 

Each game has a theme and different name. They are usually based on current events or the theme of the game. Each game is unique and has different hosts. It has a good mix so you're sure to find a topic or theme you'd like. You're also going to meet people if you play regularly. My analogy to Twitter is this. Its like a huge chat room. The game enhances that notion. You'll meet people from all over the world and country you live in. You start to interact with them and do more than play the game. Ive found myself many times having conversations and forget to play the game. There are so many different people to meet. Now if someone can incorporate voice, I'd love to tweet my horrific accents I attempt. Now, if hearing Kevin tweet in my British Ozzy/Dick Van Dyke accent isn't enough to get this idea going, I don't know what will! I also love to talk third person as well, so that would take the game to the next level. I digress though. You will definitely meet many cool people while playing. Its become a community. So trolls, heed warning. You will be outed if you troll the games. True friendships have been made here. Be warned.

The App was made by Jeff Dwoskin and Scott Fischler. Jeff also does @absrdnews, @HashtagRoundup, and blogs for @HuffingtonPost. Just to name a few things he does or has done. Scott (@FastLaugh) is the founder and architect of @HashtagGame. Take a look at their story at the WELCOME TO HASHTAG ROUNDUP page. It explains the background and mission. It gives some bios on who they are and what they do. It gives a brief history as to how it was created. The story piqued my curiosity when I read it. Enough so, I play the game and enjoy the community. I think it will pique yours as well. Jeff has a great team working on the game each day and week. A lot of time and effort go into the games. Take a look at the site and you'll see a section on each game, each host, blog, community spotlight, download info, and top tweet lists for the games. There is a plethora of information here.  When you have some time taking your Daily Deuce, take a good look and read some. I found it really cool. You will as well.

I hope I enlightened some of you on Twitter and how to get the most out of it. I know the research I've done the past few months has opened my mind. It has helped me enjoy Twitter more and take it to the next level of fun. I've met some amazing people from all over the world. They do a wide variety of jobs and each has a fascinating story. So if you want to use it for a personal account or even for a business, I would suggest looking into the App. It very well could give your brand more exposure. I can say it has helped get the Deuce humor out there and has increased traffic for the site. We support each other with shoutouts and we have a page dedicated to Twitter fun. Take a look to see the games and people Deuce supports. They are all amazing funny cool people. Hit me up if you ever need help or support. If  I can help, I will do my best to support your cause. 

We recently started  Deuce Top Picks of the week at our site. This isn't a game or to take away from the hashtag games top list. This is a list I started as a little experiment and to say I love our fans humor. A peer award if you want to call it that. The hashtag games pick usually 5-10 or so as top picks each week. I know feelings have the potential to get hurt. It's human nature to feel this way. I know you might think you had a killer tweet and feel like yours should have been picked over another one. So I decided to take a look at my faves/retweets for the past week. I screenshot them and saved them to a folder. I did the entire week from my timeline. By the time I was done I looked at all of them. The list was huge! Well over 80 tweets and I could have picked more. Some from games and some from trending tags.  So I started dwindling them down. I got the "list" down to about 40 that made me laugh, think, or pause. 40!! So I decided I needed to get the list to 10 somehow. Well, if you look, I didnt do a very good job. I got it down to 31 if I recall correctly. It was a really hard task. I didnt go by names or people I knew. I went by how much impact or how funny it was to me. I still wound up with 31 that I truly enjoyed. It could have been a lot more. Take a look at them on them on the Deuce Twitter Fun Page. So I will do my best next week to make a true top ten list. It's not easy to make everyone happy. As a manager and parent I know this dilemma. So please remember this when you play. It's a very daunting task. I've made some lists, had some shoutouts, and was showcased in an article online a few times. But that comes second to me when playing. I truly enjoy the games personally. Go download it and take a look at the site. You'll be glad you did! Have a great week Deuce Fans!