Deuce Spotlight : What Ive learned about Twitter so far

I started Twitter back in 2008 if I recall correctly. I used my real name and didnt have Deuce started yet. Ive deleted and added it back a few times as well. I never quite understood it. I didnt know how it worked and what it did. I wasn't getting much from using it. It is nothing like other social sites. I didnt understand the hashtags nor how to use them. I did not care for it at all. So I would delete it then add it back and forth. Until I decided to use the "D on the C" idea I had from years earlier. I didnt have a lot of followers. They were friends and coworkers. To me Twitter was just a different take on Facebook or any other social site. I had all of them as well. I didnt use them, but i still had them. I mainly use social sites now for Deuce on the Clock. Ive learned to understand Twitter now. I did tons of reading online and had several takeaways. So heres a list of what Twitter can do and things you can do as well to enjoy it.

Don't buy followers if you're looking to grow your follower base. You will waste your money on bots or sites looking to promote themselves. It will not help you get to followers who want to interact with you. It will clutter your timeline with ads and spam. Stay clear.

Don't use sites like Twiends to grow your fanbase. Let me clarify this statement. Don't use it by mass following people. Sites like this can have real followers. But its time consuming and not worth the effort. Yes you can add and grow fast if you care about numbers. Feel free to go crazy and do it then. But, it won't be very interactive and again, it will clutter your timeline with nonsense.

Try not to tweet rapid fire unless you're playing a hashtag game or venting. It will turn followers off and they will  click unfollow if you tweet like a machine gun. Tweet like you're having a conversation if you want to interact with people. Check out the hashtag game @HashtagRoundup . Cool app that has tons of games to play daily. You'll gain followers faster.

Use hashtags and media if you want to be more interactive. You will find your engagement go up if you hit the hot ones each day. The hashtag game is a great way to get your name or brand out there. There are several sites and tweeters you can follow to get trending tags. I use @trendinaliaUS . They don't tweet like crazy but give you the info you need timely. Using media correctly will help with more engagement. Again, anything overused becomes redundant.

Be yourself and have fun. Tweeting can and has made people money. Think about this though. Have you ever met someone who has a job that lets them tweet all day? Few and far between if you have. Twitter is a virtual world or as I explain to people, a huge chat room. You meet some really  cool people. In time you may even make new friends. 

Don't get involved in the politics of Twitter. I can't stress this enough. Currently there is a lot of drama which puts a damper on the experience. If you don't care for someone for whatever reason, click unfollow and move on. Don't add to the drama with tweets about the person or vague tweets rehashing the story. Don't waste your energy on someone you will never meet. Life is too short to sweat petty issues.

Don't get pissed off if you're not faved or retweeted. I know a lot of people take pride in this achievement. Does it get you money or fame? Not likely or at all. So go with the flow, relax, and have a good time. Let the narcissist get all bent out of shape and complain about not getting faved or retweeted. Sit back and drink beer.

On the subject of faves and retweets, don't be a receiver and not a giver. Just like having sex, its good to give as well as receive. It will also help you with your followers being more interactive if you fave and retweet them. You'll also see your followers grow as you put this practice into play. Yes, some people do treat tweeting like a competition. Don't be that person.

I know there are several opinions on touchy subject matter on crude material. I will share a statement from a podcast Will Presti from Midweek Minute was on. Tweet like your mother was reading it. I know this sounds funny. But think about it. The world will read this tweet forever. Would you want your Mom or Grandmother reading a tweet that could be construed as offensive or cruel?  How many times has this been in the news with celebrities doing this type of behavior? So yes, tweet like Mom is looking over your shoulder. Unless of course thats your style or brand. Just remember, a quick laugh will be in exchange for potential new followers and you may lose some of the ones you have.

These are just some of the many things Ive learned in the last six months. I started Deuce to have fun and laugh. After all, thats what my about page says. Its still true to this day. I tweet to laugh, smile, and meet awesome amazing people. I share my wit and humor to hopefully make someone laugh or possibly inspire them. I have a follower count of 1300+ now and started with 90 in January. I can say 70-75% are probably real people. Most are all interactive quite a bit weekly. If you take all or some points away with you today, you'll have a better user expereince.

Finally, here are some really amazing people Ive met so far on Twitter. These folks have done something to make me more engaged and interactive with them. Check them out and see if they are indeed your cup of tea as well. If you get a retweet or fave from Deuce , you've made an impression. Which is hard to do. My humor is not the norm. I will share more awesome people next week . Have an amazing week people. Always make time for your daily D. You'll be glad you did!

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