Deuce Spotlight : Twitter Names, People, And Amazing Stories

Have you ever seen a Twitter name in your timeline and think to yourself, how did they come up with that name or what does it mean? With all the blogs, articles, and podcasts around, I decided to do a different type of story and share the more personal side and ask "What does your Twitter name mean and is there a story behind it?"

The past few weeks I asked my followers or anyone to share their story to find out who they are, what they do, or anything about them. Since I use Deuce on the Clock instead of my real name as my Twitter name, Deuce Inception explains the name and it puts a more personal side on who I am and how the name came to be. The story shows I'm not a Twitter bot or an anonymous troll, have a life outside Twitter, and how the name evolved over time.

People responded back with the same response, " It's really not an interesting story" yet after reading the stories I responded back how much I enjoyed the stories. Whether it was one line or several lines each story shared a piece of that person, how they think, and who they are outside of Twitter. The guesses I had about the names were way off about and that was fascinating to me.

The old saying, "things aren't always what they seem" is true, so asking people to share with me opened up a line of communication and helped to learn about them on a different level. Hopefully this article puts a more human or personal touch behind the people you see on your timeline and breaks the ice for further conversation when you see them each day. Tweets that may have turned you off, now might make sense when you see them in the future. Reading their stories might open doors for new friendships and it may even help someone if they are having a tough time in life at the moment. Recently I've had some rough patches and talking with others or reading tweets has helped me turn a rough day around. So you will see me laugh, joke, make funny tweets, and post inspirational quotes when you visit my timeline or see me on yours doing the same thing. Occasionally you see a joke or quote that fits the mood or changes your day for the better and I hope the tweets you read make you smile, laugh, or take a pause from a tough day to change your day for the better.

For those that did share, I am very grateful and truly thank you all for your stories. You all are incredible people and seeing you on Twitter each day does make my day better. Enjoy these stories as much as I did and I plan on sharing more when in the future. Give these people a follow and see for yourself how amazing each person is. Have an amazing week!




joshingstern @joshingstern - I was born an oxymoron, Josh/Stern


Gretel Armstrong @SugarGretel - I was googling my name a few years back and I found out that Margaret in German was Gretel. I liked it. And Sugar is short for Sugar Rush which was a popular lesbian drama in the UK IN 2005/2006. That's how I got my name profile name.


Pharaoh Hatshepsut @Netjeretkhau - When I first started on Twitter I was a total newbie. I didn't have an older mentor to guide me in the ways of handles and such, so I used my real name and email address as my Twitter handle. It dawned on me that I wanted to remain anonymous and thwart off future employers from discovering my account. I thought about it and decided upon one of my favorite female role models. She was the first woman in recorded history to yield power and her own. And she was brilliant at it. Egypt flourished and she was the first major builder in ancient Egypt.  Pharaohs had many titles and names. Netjeretkhau means divine in appearance. My Twitter handle is my homage to a strong, intelligent woman who has a history that has sadly been overlooked.


Judie Geeee! @cutupx2 - I'm a barber and pretty much a comedian. Thus the two things in one package. I cut it up all the time! This "cutupx2"!

Idilia Villegas @Idilialatina - My middle name is Idilia. Since I am Hispanic, I thought that Latina would sound better than IdiliaHispanic. That's it.

just plain beth... @whoawhut - Mine is easy. It's something I say all the time - I'm easily surprised! :-D


Chuck Diesel @LousyLeafLover - Chuck Diesel started because I have a rather maniacal sounding laugh sometimes. So around 8th grade,one of my friends started calling me Chuckles. He was the only one and that name never really stuck. But when I needed a "Pen Name" for my music production years later, I remembered it and called myself "Chucklez D Glutton" because I am also extremely gluttonous, LOL. That name sucked , so once things got a bit more serious, one of the MC's I worked with started calling me "Chuck D" or  "Chuck Deez". Then somehow that morphed into "Chuck Diesel" one day and stuck. So here we are 15 years later and I still use it.


darksidedeb @darksidedeb -  Mine's simple ~ it's my name and where I live:

 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Brown Eyed Shorty! @sunseri0877 -  My name is because I have brown eyes and I'm short!

Doc @DocDarnel - I received my PH.D in sociology in 2007, and soon thereafter went on a journey of teaching aboard naval vessels (an aircraft carrier and a destroyer) as part of a navy and college contract. Once aboard the ships the enlisted and officers would address me as "Sir" or "Doctor", to which I would disavow, as I was neither in the military nor a doctor in the traditional sense. It struck me that "Doc" is appropriate, as it is informal,yet official enough for the personnel to feel comfortable with as a title. The rest , as they say, is history.

Theresa @tlcprincess - I always say my parents were super cool because they game me the best initials ever : TLC. My name is actually Theresa Leigh. I've always been a daddy's girl, and he calls me his princess. It stuck and I've always been the family princess. Everyone knows, if you want to buy me a present- make it a tiara!


Gaylon Krizak @UtilityInfieldr - My name is a player in baseball who can be plugged into any position without dropoff. That's always been my do it all role in journalism.


annalee @afloodofblood - My parents named me “Annalee,’ because of that song, “The Weight,” by The Band. And like most people, I’ve had to deal with my name, my entire life. Spelling it, pronouncing it, correcting people etc. “A-n-n-al-e-e,” because of course if I spell it any other way, all people hear is, “A-N-A-L,” and that’s a whole other story! People are lazy, they shorten names. I am one of those people who gives everyone a nick name,  something that’s just flown out of my mouth really…  So I get it when people refer to me as, “Anna,” but holy hell it makes me wanna poke your eyes right out of your skull. “Anna,” is NOT my name, as a matter of fact, it’s my Ma’s name, so, get over it. You call me ANNA, I call you OUT. I also have to explain to people, mostly on Twitter where you cannot HEAR me, that it is pronounced “Anne-Uhh-Lee,” NOT “On-Uh- Lee.” Please don’t call me the latter. Ever.                           
“On-Uh-Lee” is for like, fancy people, none of that here, nothing to see… Next.
My handle is perhaps my favorite thing to talk about. I’m one of those people who needs to be obsessed. I crave it; whether it’s a person, a thing, a place, or in this case, a band. And that bands name is alt j.  Yes, it’s pronounced, ALT J.  When I first started Twitter back in March of this year, my ONLY purpose was to use it for them. To make friends and to connect with other fans as well as the band. I did just both, and it’s been great. My handle, @afloodofblood, refers to the songs, Blood Flood, parts 1 and 2. And the specific line, “A flood, of blood, to the heart…” You really have to hear it in order to feel it.  Sometimes you listen to a song and it just devours you. It just… sucks you in and throws you back out again and you’re never, ever the same. That’s this song for me, the entire band has some sort of control over me, I could just eat them up. So, fast forward to May of this year, when I first started Hashtagging. I have/had a tendency to be honest with every tag I tweet. I think they call that, #NoFilter! I’m not usually funny or comedic, just sarcastic, blunt and truthful.  After a while people just associated the FLOOD OF BLOOD thing with my dreary ways. No one but my alt j friends knew what it really meant. I think people just assumed I was a hard ass, who just really had a ‘taste’ for blood… Which I guess is half true, but at any rate, I ran with it. The connotation people made, sort of fit the person I’d been in my head my entire life; angry, abrasive, frustrated, devious. I’ve since joined a “Girl Gang,” haha, which sounds amazing! But I’ve had to reel it in a bit as far as what I realllllly want to say out loud… I wonder if anyone has noticed?
I guess the moral of this story is, I would honestly rather be called ANAL, than ANNA, which I know seems a bit strange. But, if that’s the “nickname” people want to give me, I’ll take it.  My entire ‘gang’ calls me ANAL, perhaps because ANNALEE is just too long to txt, or perhaps because, well, use your imagination…
Anyway, call me ANAL, call me afloodofblood, call me BAE… Just don’t call me ANNA.
Unless of course you want a flood of blood coming out of your nose.

Christopher Nobody @LouGeese - My Twitter name, Lou Geese, comes from a parody ad I made in college about an artisan microbrewery that used Phlegm as its special ingredient. A lot people never pick up on it. It took my sister years. The irony is I now live on a lake with a bunch of Geese. And I my be using the name for Aerial Photography Company I'm starting with my drone.