Deuce Spotlight "When We Rule The World"

I decided to start a new feature each week spotlighting people who I find interesting and unique. After all, we search the interwebs to find stuff like this so you can enjoy it. If you know me personally then you know I talk to anyone. I can carry a conversation with anybody about anything. I enjoy people and good discussions. So what better way to start off  this new segment than with two ladies who have a podcast that do just that, talk to people. 

I first came across them while listening to podcast about @WillPresti who does @TheMidweekMinute. Their podcast is on called When We Rule The World. It is also available on iTunes. It was a very cool podcast and had great dialogue. To be honest,  I don't really listen to podcasts. I'm more a video kind of guy. However, this kept my interest the entire time. They asked really good questions and it was more like a conversation than an interview. So a week or so went by and  I was writing a blog about Twitter. I couldn't recall the podcast Will had been on. So I asked him about it. He gave me the name of the podcast. I'm very bad with names by the way. So while researching the podcast he was on, I discovered who they were. I listened to more podcasts and searched through the pages. I was interested in the content. It caught my attention. Then I found out we had all been following each other on Twitter the entire time. Again, Im bad with names so it didnt hit me until we started conversing. I tend to read tweets rather than look at who is saying what. If you make me laugh or interact, I follow back. I just like interaction while Im spending time online. So if you're looking for some new cool stuff, go check it out. I am sure you will find something to strike your fancy there. You'll be glad you did!

Heres a little bit about both:

Jenny with a “Y” currently goes to school full time, where she is studying Nursing, is on the Dean’s List, and has been recently nominated for one of the most prestigious awards the academic community can bestow on a student: Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. Jenny received her EMT-B license in 2000, and has had many jobs since, including… peddling underwear at a department store, Data Entry Specialist for a trucking company, Medical Assistant for an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Nanny and Church Secretary. Besides going to school full time, she raises her two children, ages 4 and 6, and she operates two small businesses out of her home office. Jenny is honored and excited to share her life experiences, and to give advice on how to be a better human.

Jenni, with an “I,” spends her time juggling homeschooling her two children, writing, painting, and playing roller derby for the Aurora 88s. She has an English degree from Aurora University, with a minor in Art. She taught preschool for more than a decade and has had some of her writing published. An avid love of theater led her to run a drama program at her home church for several years. Jenni also loves reading and debating current cultural issues and trends with her bestie, Jenny with a “Y.” She recently joined Twitter, scoffs at google +, and is continually inspired by semi-wise facebook posts, when they have calming stock photo behind them,…just kidding, no, no she isn’t. However; Jenni does enjoy a good meme, and would love to hang out with George Takei, NicePeter and EpicLloyd.

They also host a Hashtag game on Twitter via @HashtagRoundup App! ( Its free, download it and try it.) The game is called The Beehive # Game. Jenny Watkins (@secretbee1) and Jenni Lara (@secretbee2) are their tags. Give them a follow as well. Its done on Thursdays at 9am Central time. I unfortunately do not play this game yet. For a good reason though. Its too early for me to get up and think witty or funny at that hour. I will certainly do my best though after my Cafe Bustello. But I implore you all to do so.  You'll have a great time and tons of laughs. Tell them Deuce sent you.

If you don't use Twitter you can find them on their Facebook page ( When We Rule The World). They have links to their podcasts, funny pictures, memes, and articles on their hashtag game. I am sure you can find something to amuse yourself while taking a Deuce on the Clock. I would definitely use headphones to avoid echo in the bathroom. That's just Deuce advice so you won't get busted. I don't follow many pages but they get my vote so follow them on Facebook. Yes, I totally copied and pasted their bio from the site. Don't judge me. I hate typing, which is ironic working on a website. Plus Siri does not like my New York accent and we fight a lot. Follow them on their Facebook page and tell them Deuce sent you. It won't get you anything if you mention Deuce but give it a shot.

Next weeks spotlight will be about the incredible hashtag community on Twitter. If you don't know or haven't heard about it yet, this might answer some questions about hashtags and trends. I have found it very interesting since starting this fun endeavor back in January. You might have some huge takeaways from the article as well. Don't forget to download the Hashtag Roundup App!  Have a great week Deuce fans. Rock on!