Depression, Medication, and #WorldSuicidePreventionDay

Yesterday was #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and you may have seen a lot posts or tweets on social media sites about this tag. I posted several tweets throughout the day and shared many tweets to help share the message about suicide and depression. Suicide prevention is an important topic for me to share because it is very personal to me and often comes with a great stigma attached. Many misconceptions are associated with suicide, depression, and medication so I read any article or information on these topics for my own benefit. I've decided to share some of the articles and tweets that hopefully will help you or someone today or in the future.

There was a hashtag game that people tweeted inspirational messages all day long during the game. #HumanExperienceIn4Words was the game and an awesome article written about it that contained several tweets that were inspiring and uplifting. The game was hosted by The BeeHive # Game  hosted by two amazing ladies, @secretbee1 and @secretbee2, that have had articles written about their games a few times prior. The article about #HumanExperienceIn4Words is called Here’s how to human in 27 fantastic tweets and is a very good read to start your day off on a positive note. Please take a look and share the article with your family and friends. It very well might strike a nerve or help someone going through some tough times at the moment. I truly enjoyed playing the tag yesterday and reading all of the tweets. The article and tweets will hopefully help people realize they're not alone in their struggles.

Another article I read and found to be informative is called 7 Important Things To Understand About Suicide featured on Buzzfeed. It gives some insight on recognizing signs of someone suicidal, shares hot line numbers, how to talk about suicide, and some common factors surrounding suicide. It is a very nice read to start a conversation with someone who may need some help or to assist you better in how to support someone else. Please give this article a read and share as well.

A person who is depressed may or may not recognize the signs of depression. One of the biggest issues for depression in my opinion is about medication. I saw many tweets stating that the medication isn't a cure or it was a sign of weakness. Some people claim medication is only masking the depression and it doesn't fix the problem at all. There was even a point during the day of back and forth tweeting with someone claiming this point of view that I told them I was sorry they suffered from depression but felt medication was a good place to start to get better. This person might be in denial or have some preconceived notions about medication. I do not know why they feel this way as they blocked me during the debate, but I truly hope they find help in dealing with their issues soon. Personally, I was that type of person many years ago and going to a doctor or therapist was not an option for me so I could see their point of view and where they were coming from. My views on this have changed dramatically over the years after dealing with it myself and in my family. There is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist or seeking out medication for treatment as far as I'm concerned. Reading and researching has opened my mind and helped me understand it takes time and there is no magic pill as many people want to believe. It takes a lot of work with therapy and sometimes the right medication is needed to help clear the mind so you can move forward.  Here is an article with some great information, please visit this link: Depression Stigma. Please read all you can on this topic and share it out as well.

Yesterday Twitter had many tweets regarding suicide and depression. So I would love to share some of them that came across my timeline with all of you. Normally I post a Top Ten list of tweets I love for the past week, but I decided to write this article and share tweets from yesterday as well. Many people suffer in silence and these articles and tweets hopefully will help someone realize that they're not alone. Have an amazing weekend!